About me

How it started

In 2016, friends around me started to get married and they had me, the natural noisemaker, to be the emcee for their wedding banquet. At that point of time, I was really stressed because hosting a wedding is not like oral examination, it has to be engaging and interactive as well. Fortunately i had supportive friends who trusted me to gain experience through their weddings and each time i gain confidence.

Natural Hosting Style

In 2018, word-of-mouth wedding emcee gigs started to come in. I started to worry as the expectations of myself got higher each time I receive a new show. Supportive people around told me then, “Dixon, you are a natural, just be yourself and you will shine”. From then, I started to discover that I actually like to host weddings because it feels like a calling for me.

Wedding Emcee as my Passion

Treating this job as a passion and part of my life, today I tell my couples the reason why they choose me as the Emcee for their big day is because of I am – my natural friendly and bubbly personality.


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